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2016 Chengdu Global Innovation & Venture Fair Successfully Concluded over 16 Billion of Transactions is Expected

  On June 27, 2016 China • Chengdu Global Innovation & Venture Fair officially came to an end, and the Chengdu Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference for the results of the 2016 Innovation & Venture Fair, which showed the main results and related developments of the Fair. Head of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, Lu Tiecheng, said that this Fair has four forms of "will, show, trade and game", more than 3,000 transactions to be made, over 16 billion yuan of which is expected.

  The Fair held a total of 18 events, including 12 international high-profile forums, such as the prestigious Global Entrepreneurship Forum, the World Forum for Future Science and Technology, "Innovation Capital & Capital Innovation" Forum; and carried out 3 trade fairs such as equity, human resources and technological achievements; and held two youth innovation and venture competition, America vs China and South Korea vs China; held a show for the world's latest scientific and technological achievements of innovation and venture. During the Fair, the innovation and venture index and the new economic index were also issued, and innovation and venture index is issued for the first time.

  "The scale of the Fair significantly expanded, and its internationalism and representativeness also significantly enhanced. 450 foreign guests from 36 countries on five continents, such as the United States, Germany, South Korea, Australia and Israel, participated in the Fair. Over 1,000 guests of multinational diplomats, the world's leading academics, international friends of the city, well-known international companies, innovation authorities, innovation agencies and well-known universities, well-known business park and representatives of ventures attended the Fair. The innovation and venture results show and World Forum for Future Science and Technology attracted over 70,000 audiences, which is seven times of the number of participants of the 2015 Fair. If we add number of participants of activities held by district (city) county and university institutes, the number will exceed 10 million. ", Lu Tiecheng said.

  It is reported that the highlights of various activities of the Fair frequently showed, every game was exciting, bursting with popularity, with remarkable results. In the term of trade, according to preliminary statistics, over 1,746 transactions concerning technological achievements were made online with a trading volume of 6.17 billion yuan. Among them, the trading volume of international technology is 1.61 billion yuan, accounting for 26%, and trading volume of domestic technology is 4.56 billion yuan, accounting for 74%.

  At the equity fair, the first Chengdu government investment funds with the first phase of the scale of 40 billion yuan was set up- "Chengdu Qianhai Industrial Investment Fund ", 175 projects were signed on the spot, and the turnover is expected to be more than 10 billion yuan, compared to the number of 2015, the amount of the projects and turnover was more than doubled; at the talent fair, it has received a total of more than 7,300 people on-site counseling, more than 2,000 people online counseling, there are about 50 foreign talents and companies had reached a contract of the intention at the recruitment site. It has realized interaction of both international and domestic, inside and outside the industry, online and offline outside and inside the market.

  In the term of "game", the first youth innovation and venture competition of South Korea vs China was held, covering electronic information, bio-medicine, intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence and other areas between eight teams of the two countries each, and over 500 people representing venture capital firms, incubators, numerous creation space and enterprises attended the contest. HN7 operation helicopter developed by Sichuan Jingshi Aviation, the world's first cam-type CVT with variable speed range from zero to infinity developed by ESTBIKE (Korea) have received much favorable comments, and Chengdu Testbird Technology Co., Ltd. and the RAONICS team from South Korea won the game, and the three Korean enterprises of Chengdu Souduoke Technology Co., Ltd., China and South Korea Internet + New Technology Incubator, Chengdu and South Korea Incubators were approved to move in the innovation and venture Park.

  As the important supporting activity of high-level Sino-US cultural exchange, the Chengdu Division of 2016 the Sino-US Youth Innovation and Venture Contest, with the "create the future" as its theme, attracted over 300 people to participate, a total of 16 teams from the US and China fiercely competed. At present, it is still going on.

  In the term of "fair", 12 international high-profile innovation and venture forums have invited the Nobel Prize winner, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, business leaders and other celebrities to attend and open seminars for ecology and prospects of innovation and venture. At the Chengdu Global Innovation & Venture Forum, both Chinese and foreign guests, in respect of leading innovation, cooperation and win-win, discussed ecology of innovation and venture, issued the results of innovation and venture, look into the future of innovation and venture and gave keynote speeches.

  At the International Sister Cities Innovation Forum, it set up a platform for multilateral exchanges and cooperation between colleges of the first sister city of Chengdu and universities of Chengdu. At the "Innovation Capital, Capital Innovation" Forum, business representatives of top international institutions of venture capital and future science and technology gathered together, discussed new trends of capital innovation, and sought new development of innovative capital, leading new trends of venture capital. Throughout the Innovation and Venture Fair, all the participants unanimously felt that innovation and venture is a powerful engine for economic transformation and upgrading, is a common language across borders, has become an important carrier of international exchanges and cooperation, and is the eternal theme of human social development.

  In the term of "exhibition", the exhibitors and projects of the Fair basically covered from team formation, technological innovation, creative incubators, venture capital and financing to the project road shows, market launch, brand promotion and listing and the whole industry chain. More than 60 well-known international companies, such as Google, General Electric, Tesla, and over 50 domestic innovation and venture enterprises, such as BOE, Beijing Wangku, 36 Kr, as well as Wisesoft, Xgimi, Guoxinan, nearly 200 provincial leading enterprises of innovation and venture and high-quality companies are exhibiting at the scene and brought the latest technological achievements of the industry.

  Hyperloop from the United States, known as "the greatest transportation revolution", with the capsule train project of the speed of 1,200 km/h, 2016 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) winner, Cassia, triggering the Bluetooth revolution, with Bluetooth router's project, and the "snake robot" project made by the world's first robot team and invited to participate in the forum in Davos, Switzerland and other cutting-edge global projects gathered together. The exhibition projects were innovative and with high technology content, greatly attracted the audience, showing the latest achievements of innovation and venture of the world and unique charm. Chengdu International Copyright Trade Center set up a service platform for exhibitors and exhibition products, providing free service such as consulting, registration, protection and trading related to intellectual property, protecting the intellectual property of various projects at the exhibition.