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Many diplomats approved that the "Innovation & Venture" environment would enable the entrepreneurs to stop to consider product innovation and hoped to establish friendship with Chengdu and partici

  Approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bahamas, Estonia, Mauritius and other 23 ambassadors to China, ministers, consul generals and other senior diplomats are invited by the Bureau of Diplomatic Service from May 11 to 15 to attend the "Diplomatic Corps Characteristic Cultural Tours - Sichuan "activities in Sichuan. Although it’s the first time for many people to visit Chengdu, with deep understanding of Chengdu economic and social development, they have become in favor of the "Innovation & Venture" environment, and hoped to attend the forthcoming 2016 Chengdu Global Innovation & Venture Fair to be held in Chengdu and carry out cooperation in areas such as the internet.

  Paul Andrew Gomez (Bahamas Ambassador to China)

  Think highly of Chengdu IT industry

  Hope to participate in the “Innovation & Venture Fair”

  It’s the first time for Bahamas Ambassador, Paul Andrew Gomez, to visit Chengdu. He believes that there is great space for cooperation of the two countries in tourism, and this visit makes him very interested in Chengdu IT industry. He saw the industrial UAV, intelligent robots and other industrial intelligence equipments developed by the research team led by Professor Zhang Hongbin at the UESTC Science Park. During the inspection, "Bahamas with seas is long affected by typhoons and other natural disasters, and the UAV independently developed in Chengdu may realize disaster reporting and monitoring.", He exchanged business cards with the research team, hoping the two sides will carry out substantive cooperation in the future.

  He also said, "Chengdu is going to hold the Innovation & Venture Fair, I hope to participate and seek agreement in more cooperation intention." He believes that, compared to impulsive noise of China's first-tier cities, Chengdu’s entrepreneurial atmosphere is more "quiet", and the active supports of local government will allow the entrepreneurs to stop to consider product innovation in order to develop products that truly meet the market demand.

  Lukk (Estonia Ambassador to China)

  Hope to carry out cooperation in the area of Internet with Chengdu

  At the UESTC Science Park, Estonia Ambassador, Lukk, happily saw the innovations show, field experienced the fantastic research products and took pictures of the industrial UAV flying in the sky using a cell phone. "I think Chengdu is doing very well in the field of innovation and venture and the Interne, and I hope Chengdu and Estonia will carry out cooperation in these areas." Lukk also said that Estonia is planning to enhance friendly interaction and cooperation with Chengdu, "I hoping to further strengthen the friendly and cooperative relations between Tallinn, Estonia and Chengdu."

  Fernando Lugris (Uruguay Ambassador to China)

  Think highly of the radiation of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail and the new airport

  Although it is the first time for Uruguay Ambassador, Fernando Lugris, to visit Chengdu, he clearly has already thought about the possibility of cooperation. He introduced that the first would be food export. Uruguay is rich in high-quality beef, milk and cheese which China has a large demand in. The two countries may strengthen bilateral economic and trade exchanges. And the second would be logistics. Uruguay is South America's logistics center, and it has many fine harbors; Chengdu is also currently developing the logistics industry by promoting Europe-Chengdu Express Rail and the new airport construction, and the two sides may strengthen cooperation in related areas, "the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, and the most important port city, Fray Bentos, are both nationally known for best logistics, I would recommend Chengdu to establish friendship with the two cities for better common development. "

  Li Senguang (Mauritius Ambassador to China)

  Chengdu would be the first on the list that Mauritius is willing to establish friendship with.

  Chengdu has long been in cooperation with Mauritius. In last July, Chengdu opened a regular non-stop flight to Mauritius. Chengdu would be the first on the list that Mauritius is willing to establish friendship with. Mauritius Ambassador, Li Senguang, said as Mauritius Ambassador to China, one of his and the team work is to actively promote Mauritius establish friendship with Chengdu. He hopes to carry out pragmatic cooperation between the two sides in wider coverage, enhance friendship and achieve win-win development.

  Ge Hualu(Spanish Embassy Minister-Counselor)

  Support the universities in Chengdu

  Promote the teaching of Spanish

  Spanish Embassy Minister-Counselor Ge Hualu said that under the strategic framework of One Belt One Road, Spain is highly desirable of provincial and municipal cooperation with China. "We know that learning Spanish is quite popular in China, as well as in Chengdu. We are committed to support the promotion of Spanish teaching at the universities in Chengdu, with the language as a bridge to enhance mutual understanding in cultural terms."

  Learning that Chengdu companies have accelerated the pace of "going out", Ge Hualu expressed favor of Chengdu companies to invest in Spain.

  Sukhbaatar Tsedenjav (Mongolian Ambassador to China)

  Learn from panda protection experience

  Protect endangered animals in Mongolia

  "Chengdu is a young and bright city that has its own ideas, which is suitable for young people from all over the world to come to put the idea into reality." Mongolian Ambassador to China, Sukhbaatar Tsedenjav, during a visit to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, saw a lot of cooperation opportunities, "Mongolia has an endangered bear, less than 30 in the whole country, living in the desert which is harsh living environment. After seeing the protection of pandas in Sichuan, I think Mongolia can learn from such experience for bear conservation and breeding work. "