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Festival Croisements 2016 Began Exhibition of Mr. and Mrs. Lemaitre’s Images Collection was in Rongcheng

  In 2015, Festival Croisements had gained more than 2 million audiences and spent its 10 years old birthday successfully. This year, the 11th Festival Croisements will be held in 30 cities of China, 45 items will be presented with 150 activities in total. On May 8, as one of the series activities of “Festival Croisements 2016”, Chengdu Usunhome Art Museum exhibited international image works collected by Mr. and Mrs. Lemaitre.

  As known by us, Mr. and Mrs. Lemaitre started to collect artworks from 1970s, and videos from 1996. This exhibition series mainly included the image and film creations of young artists from more than 20 countries who tortured the world where humans living, evolution of humane, limit of social politics, and graphic language for fiction films, record videos and TV programs by their works.

  Since 1990s, images have become to be adopted generally by the artists, Mr. and Mrs. Lemaitre also stared their image collection at this time. Although there are some people who question the image carrier of artworks, with the development of technical means and copyright protection, the problematic issues of images collection have been solved gradually. What’s more, along with the digitized time, images influence the human’s world view more deeply and imperceptibly than ever.

  Mr. and Mrs. Lemaitre are passionate movie lovers, they have watched all the classic movies of American, UK, France and Germany, sometimes they come to the theatre three to four times one day. They have a mass of film DVD and videotape, also act as the hosts and judges of several European film festivals. Mr. and Mrs. Lemaitre are also the travelers who travel around the world, including Europe, America, Asia and Middle East, the experiences under different cultural, religion and social backgrounds make them become the more direct and personal experiencers and practitioners of globalization.

  Just like their colorful global “nomadism” life, Mr. and Mrs. Lemaitre also have colorful image artworks. The works have no given themes, maybe one emotion, one kind of life, or one event, encountering between two persons, and gather of several people. The works relate to human’s living circumstances, concern with politics and society, and record human’s happiness and pains,

  In addition, the site of this exhibition - Usunhome Art Museum is one trans-boundary art institute which is created by Usunhome Group and involved in art, music, dance, creative products, fashion show and other fields, aims at spreading contemporary art and participating in historical course of Chinese contemporary art, and it is one cognition for the polybasic, polymorphic and trans-boundary development.