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2016 China Dujiangyan Discharge Festival was held in Rongcheng which was Live for 10 Languages

  At the forenoon of April 4, the Launching Ceremony of 2016 China Dujiangyan Discharge Festival and China Most Beautiful Gold Travel Corridor Tourist Season was grandly opened at the Dujiangyang irrigation System, it reappeared the grand occasion of discharge which had been inherited for thousands of years in grand momentum, and attracted more than 2 thousand China and foreign guests to watch on site. It was noteworthy that it was the first time for the discharge ceremony to conduct live broadcast to the whole world, ten languages interpretation were applied, which realized worldwide “sharing”.

  As known by us, this year is the 2272nd anniversaries for the Dujiangyan to establish the dam, and the annual large-scale ceremony and sacrifice activity “discharge festival” held on the day of Qingming started from AD 978, aimed to commemorate the Li Bing and his son who leaded the people to construct the Dujiangyan Irrigation System and bring benefit to Chengdu Plain, and expressed the gratitude of later generations. Different with previous Discharge Festivals, the festival in this year fully integrated historic cultural elements, international elements, and marketization elements to innovate and upgrade, and the abundant celebration contents yielded unusually brilliant results.

  At 10:30 a.m., the Discharge Festival was officially opened. At the site, the three key performance links including “Annual Repair”, “Sacrifice” and “Discharge” were more life-like, vivid and splendid. It was the “Chop Abatis” link which was deeply remarkable, the sponsor of the activity specially invited several hundred of foreign tourists from different countries and with different skin colors, some of them acted as the “dam labors” to participate the experience activity of “Chop Abatis”, thanked to the wise men of water control and felt the traditional culture of water control by ancient methods which had been inherited for thousands of years. With the order of the chief diviner: “Chop abatis, discharge!” the abatis was opened, and the water of the Minjiang River was outpoured immediately, the tourists cheered from all directions, the onsite phenomenon was more hot.

  At the site of discharge ceremony, the 8 international social media representatives from American, UK, France, Japan, Malaysia and other countries and regions attracted most attention, who also enjoyed the grand occasion as foreign guests and put forward their own perspectives. “The legendary Dujiangyan Discharge Ceremony was very splendid, but only with witness you can really figure out that Chinese traditional culture was so extensive and profound.” It was the fisrt time for the guest and her families from France to take part in the Dujiangyan Discharge Ceremony, and she hoped that it could be listed as “World Intangible Cultural Heritage” as soon as possible to be shared by all the human beings. Among 30 international social media representatives, 8 of them were awarded as the “Global Propagation of China Most Beautiful Gold Travel Corridor and Dujiangyan Tourist”, and attended the prize-awarding ceremony at the site of Discharge Ceremony.

  As introduced by the committee, in recent years, the foreign tourists traveling to Qingchengshan – Dujiangyan scenic spot and attending the Discharge Festival have been more and more year by year, the Discharge Festival was popular with world tourists. The magnificent abatis array and clear Minjiang River…through international internet platform and outdoor big screen, transmitting unique charm of Chinese culture to the whole world, and truly realizing the “worldwide sharing of millennium discharge ceremony”.

  During the Discharge Festival, except for a series of cultural performance activities which restored historical culture and folklore characteristics held in Gucheng Town of Guanxian County, Dujiangyan Scenic and Qingchengshan Scenic, such as “chief parading” millennium dam, pandas flashing, Qingcheng Tai Ji Dance with Fay charm and ancient rhyme, the Eight Immortals Greeting and blessing gusets, and other programs, some other colorful activities were included, including “Hua Zhi Dao” flowering arranging interaction, performance of Zang Nationality and Qiang Nationality’s folk culture (Ngawa of West Sichuan), “Ancient Rhythm Duajiangyan” Exhibition of Private Rare Collection, “Gorgeous Vernal Scenery” 2016 fine art works exhibition, “Spring Water to East (Chunshui Dongliu)” Exhibition of Contemporary Famous Expert’s Paintings and Calligraphies and Rare Birdcages (Sichuan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage) Collection Exhibition.