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“China – UAE Economic, Trade and Cultural Summit 2016” was held in Rongcheng

  On April 1, before beginning of the Chengdu Dubai International Cup – Wenjiang Meydan Horse Race, the “China – UAE Economic Trade and Cultural Exchange Summit 2016” taking “open cooperation and joint development” as the theme attracted guests from all over the world.

  Sichuan Provincial Returned Overseas Chinese Federation and committee of Chengdu Dubai Internation Cup – Wenjiang Meydan Horse Race jointly organized this summit and invited part of overseas Chinese representatives of national “Two Meetings” (NPC and CPPCC), UAE Overseas Chinese Federation Delegation, UAE Politicians and Trade & Economic Delegation, national business association representatives and Chinese company representatives, more than 200 people in total.

  Ablet Abdurishid, the vice-chairman of 10th and 11th CPPCC and counselor of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, declared the opening of the summit, Fu Yonglin – deputy mayor of the People’s Government of Chengdu, Wu Sike – vice-chairman of Sino-Arabic Association for Friendship, Mohammed Shehhi - Deputy Secretary of UAE Economic Affairs Ministry, and Chen Wenhua - vice-chairman of Sichuan CPPCC made speeches successively.

  Hamade Bamimu – president of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jia Youling - president of China Horse Industry Association, Yu Shili – Chairman of Dubai Yaode Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Chih-Yong Chen – District Mayor of People’s Government of Wenjiang District made speeches respectively including Further Strengthen Trade and Economic Exchange between Dubai and Chengdu, China’s Horse Racing and Horse Culture Exchange, Create International Configuration of China’s Horse Industry and Quicken to Blend in “One Belt and One Road” and Promote Openness and Development of Wenjiang.

  During the summit, Chengdu Construction Engineering Group and Dubai Yaode Investment Management Co., Ltd. signed Memorandum of Overseas Engineering Cooperation, Chengdu Cultural Tourism Development Group and Dubai Meydan Group signed Memorandum of Chengdu Overseas Publicity Cooperation, Bureau of Chengdu Expositions and Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed Memorandum of Cooperation, People’s Government of Wenjiang District, Dubai Meydan Group and Dubai Yaode Investment Management Co., Ltd. signed Cooperation Framework Agreement on Developing Horse Industry and Big Health Industry.

  The overseas Chinese representatives of national “Two Meetings” expressed when being interviewed that they would give play to the advantages of “overseas Chinese”, actively publicize Sichuan abroad, endeavor to promote more overseas Chinese and international friends to investigate in and travel to Sichuan, invest and promote business, and realize common development and win-win.

  At the afternoon, the China – UAE Enterprise Symposium was held at Chengdu Universal Center Tiantang Intercontinental Hotel, 10 Wenjiang enterprises signed agreements with foreign merchants. Before this, Wenjiang District signed one Agreement of Intent to Establish Friendly Cooperation with Canada Halton Hills which planned to discuss exchange and cooperation issues in respect of economic development, culture and art, tourism and education.