About Chengdu

China Travelers’ Forum Discussed Big Data Chengdu’s Development Received Recognition

  On March 4, 2016 Ctrip CTF was held in Chinese museum town – Chengdu Ancient Town An’ren. This is the first time for CTF to come to “Land of Plenty” after it held annual grand ceremonies in Lijiang and Shanghai. During the activity, the famous travelers attracted numerous fans to listen to their splendid sharing on site, and various OTA talents brought a “brainstorming” for the guests through discussing the big data.

  During the grand ceremony, the party of “CTF Chinese Famous Travelers Talking” which received public expectations gathered almost one thousand travel talents and travel fans, as well as many tourists. Through early voting from more than 20,000 net friends, finally the famous travelers who obtained the highest votes came to site, including popular blogger Molly, female war photographer Liangzi, Mr. and Mrs. Lv Xing who never forget their initial determinations and the Lin Huiyin’s great-granddaughter Liang Zhouxiang, and shared their travel stories with the onsite audiences.

  As the professional link of this grand ceremony, “China Tourism Big Data and Socialized Marketing Industry Summit” received high attention from the tourism industry. The business magnates from OTA and internet, including Yang Lan, Senior Vice President of Ctrip tourism website, Feng Weihua, CEO of Ctrip strategy community, Cai Jinghui, President of Qyer, Chen Fuwei, CMO of Tuniu, Chien-Hao Chen, Vice-president of Google China, Zeng Hua, General Manager of Baidu Key Client Department and Yang Chao, CBO of 360, discussed the application of big data in the tourism development together.

  CTF Meeting was the travelers’ pageant with world largest scale hosted by Ctrip strategy community. Feng Weihua, CEO of Ctrip strategy community, expressed that Chengdu CTF had the largest scale and maximum specification among all previous sessions. “As to the activity settings, except for the original plates like selection of best global journey’s ends list and sharing meeting with famous travelers, we also prepared ‘Chengdu CTF Challenge’ and ‘China Tourism Big Data and Socialized Marketing Industry Summit’ for Chengdu CTF. We aimed to invite the practitioners, media and talents of tourist circle to share their ideas on traveling and how to make the traveling happier. They made suggestions for the happy traveling from the aspects of data, information and destination construction respectively.” As known by us, it was not only because that Chengdu is China’s most dynamic city which perfectly integrates natural ecology, historic culture and city development and obtains high praise from the tourists, but also the aim of Chengdu to create world class tourist end happens to coincide with the wish of CTF to head for the global, that Chengdu was selected to the site of the meeting.