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299 Global Top 500 Companies have settled in Sichuan The Quantity Ranks No.1 in the Midwest Region

  Up to the end of December of last year, the quantity of global top 500 companies which had settled in Sichuan reached 299 that kept ahead in the Midwest region, 16 of which newly settled in Sichuan in last year. The information is known by the reporter from the “Sichuan Foreign Work Exchange 2016” held by Sichuan Commercial Office and Provincial Government Foreign Affairs Office on January 19 and Sichuan Commercial Working Conference 2016 held on January 20.

  In the past year, 9 overseas global top 500 companies settled in Sichuan. Until now, 219 overseas global top 500 companies have settled in Sichuan, the quantity ranks No. 1 in the Midwest region. The above-mentioned 9 companies all come from the developed economic entities, among which, 5 from American, 2 from UK, 1 from Australia and 1 from France respectively. From the view of settlement ways, American EMC established the office in Sichuan through direct investment, and the others established branches and representative offices in Sichuan.

  The settled overseas global top 500 companies increased in capital and share strongly. In 2015, 9 overseas global top 500 companies which had settled in Sichuan increased in capital and share, the total increased investment amount was 1.02 billion dollars, and the total increased contractual foreign capital was 0.35 billion dollars. Except for expanding scales, they also upgraded the standard – Finland Nokia upgraded its branch to direct investment and established Nokia Communication (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. with total investment of 1.4 million dollars. According to Sichuan Commercial Office statistics, among the overseas global top 500 companies which have settled in Sichuan, 191 of them conduct actual investments, including direct investments, reinvestments and branches.

  The global top 500 companies settle in Sichuan, which reflects that Sichuan Province achieves new progress in developing open platform from the one side. During “12th Five-year Plan” period, our province signed 18 foreign trade and economic co-operation mechanisms and carried out more than 30 economic activities on the government level with American, Australia, Canada and Republic of Korea. As known by us, in this year, the G20 Treasury Secretaries and Central Bank Governors Meeting, 22nd World Route Development Conference and other major activities will be held in Sichuan Province. Our province will also promote the development of Chengdu Zhonghe Consulate Zone to achieve substantial progress and promote to establish more amicable relations with key countries and districts.