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“Hand in Hand” Chengdu and Milan Become Sister Cities

  Chengdu has made another good friend, who is a “fashion icon”. On 6th October, the reporter acquires the information from Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office that Chengdu and Milan of Italy have signed Memorandum of Understanding on Friendly Cooperation. Therefore, Chengdu has established international friendly cooperation relations with another city.

  Franco D'Alfonso, the vice mayor of Milan says that Chengdu and Milan are both open and inclusive cities with high degree of internationalization, strong sector complementarities. The features of two cities will lay solid foundation for the future cooperation. He will endeavor to advance the cooperation to new levels through bridges such as cuisine, culture and education.

  Milan is a world-famous cosmopolitan city and the second largest city in Italy; also it is the largest center for industry, commerce and finance. Well known for its fashion, sightseeing and architecture, Milan enjoys the fame of “World Fashion City”.