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Chengdu Officially Take Over the Right to the Host of World Airlines

  At the closing ceremony of South Africa Durban World Route Development Conference (referred to as "World Airlines") on 22nd September, Li Wei, chairman of Sichuan Province Airport Group took the flag for the 2016 assembly from the hands of the South Africa Durban representative, which means the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport officially took over the shipping baton of the 22nd World Airlines.

  At the handover ceremony, Kate Brand, president of the Host of Conference UBM Group says: “China is an indicator if you want to see the development of the future world, west China is an indicator if you want to see the development of China, and Sichuan is an indicator if you want to see the development of west China.” The aircraft industry is very sensitive to market; the potential of west China aviation market is quite attractive to airlines.

  After the 15th World Airlines Conference held in Beijing Capital International Airport in the year of 2009, the global civil aviation pay another attention to China. In September 2016, it is estimated that 3500 experts and representatives of airlines, airports, government departments, tourism departments and relevant sectors from all over the world will gather in Chengdu, Sichuan to share the development opportunities brought by policies such as Reform and Opening-Up, West China Development and “One Belt and One Road” strategy.

  According to statistics, the passenger throughput in 2014 of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is over 37.71 million persons, ranking the 38th in global airport passenger throughput. It is estimated that the passenger throughput is going to reach 42 million persons. This will make Chengdu the 4th mainland airport reaching 40 million passenger throughput following Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The world ranking will continue to ascend.

  In recent years, Chengdu has opened intercontinental air routes on a regular basis which directly fly to UAE, Germany, UK, USA and Russia. International air route network is initially established.

  World Airlines Conference started in 1995, and is the world’s biggest yearly ceremony with the largest influence in civil airline sector. World Airlines Conference can attract nearly 300 main airlines, over 500 airports, government departments, tourism departments and relevant sectors’ decision-makers from the global every year and the aim of which is to provide market opportunities for international hub airports.