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Munich Oktoberfest to Re-intoxicate Chengdu on August

  Key Word: Booze-up

  Special envoy of Munich’s Mayor Oliver Belik explained that beer used by this Munich Oktoberfest would be stored in refrigerators and directly transported from Munich to Chengdu to ensure its original taste and flavor, where HB Royal Wheat Beer, the most traditional and famous German beer with the longest history, would still be provided. As the most famous and popular beer in Germany, HB Royal Wheat Beer, realizes a perfect smooth mellow taste through exquisite brewing technique as well as pure materials, wheat, Australian malt and German beer yeast and hop. Chengdu citizens can drink royal beer unlimitedly on site and appreciate Bavarian beer culture integrated with health and good taste.

  Key Word: Revelry

  Host of this Munich Oktoberfest will invite Bavarian bands to perform classical Bavarian folk music, communicate with audiences through music and present a revelry climax through lively and absorbed performance.

  Additionally, the host will also invite a number of renowned Munich Oktoberfest barmaids, who are skilled and experienced, and able to glide to and fro under tent when holding 8 or even 12 cups of draft beer with a total weight of 25 kg. These renowned barmaids, specializing in serving world leaders in Germany, will dress in their traditional Bavarian clothes and provide VIP services for customers.

  Key Word: Delicious Food

  This Munich Oktoberfest is not only an international beer culture carnival, but also a banquet realizing the integration and exchange between Chinese and Western foods. Domestic and foreign customers can appreciate real German foods at this festival. Furthermore, to ensure the best quality of German foods, some five-star hotel German cuisine experts will also be invited to design German dishes on site and re-upgrade classical German foods to customize delicious foods owning German features but also satisfying Chengdu people’s eating habits.

  Mellow taste of German HB Royal Wheat Beer, excellent performance of Bavarian brands, and delicious taste of German salt pork hock and roast fish … do these things make you savor the Munich Oktoberfest moved to Chengdu last summer? Good news is the Munich Oktoberfest will come to Chengdu again. The 2nd “Munich Oktoberfest – Tour in Chengdu” hosted by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government will be held at Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory Cultural and Creative Park from Aug. 21 to Sep. 5.

  One of the World’s Largest Festival Events to Reappear in Chengdu

  Founded in 1810, Munich Oktoberfest is an important traditional Bavarian festival and one of the world’s largest festival events. Because of its free and joyful ambience and nationwide revelry idea, this festival attracts millions of visitors every year. China, as the only authorized global co-host, has successfully held this festival in three cities, Beijing, Chengdu and Dalian. Munich Oktoberfest firstly held in Chengdu from May 22 to June 7, 2014 has achieved huge success.

  Special envoy of Munich’s Mayor Oliver Belik said, “because of the success of the first Munich Oktoberfest held in Chengdu, we are now full of confidence and expected to enjoy another wonderful summer in Chengdu.” He also expressed that Munich Oktoberfest, as one of the world’s largest festival events, was usually held in cities with globalized and internationalized influence, where visitors all over the world could revel together; and the reason why we moved this festival to Chengdu was because Chengdu was a city filled with happiness, where local people were warm and friendly, understood life and enjoyed life, which met the nationwide carnival idea of Munich Oktoberfest; moreover, owning more than 3000 years of history of civilization, Chengdu, the science and technology, commerce and trade, and finance center and the transportation and communication hub in southwest region, now paid more and more attention to international culture introduction and exchange”.

  Multi-cultural Collision to Explore More International Cooperation

  Oliver Belik believed that, “Munich Oktoberfest – Tour in Chengdu” held in Chengdu could make more Chinese people know Munich Oktoberfest, and strengthen friendship between these two cities. “It will accelerate economic development in Chengdu, and meanwhile, as a platform of international festivals, promote cultural exchange and cooperation between these two countries, China and Germany and these two cities, Chengdu and Munich, and then further expand cooperation in tourism, culture, commerce and trade”, he added.

  This “Munich Oktoberfest – Tour in Chengdu” will pay more attention to multi-cultural spread between two nations, presenting German features and Bavarian folk style integrated with more Chengdu’s local humanistic characteristics. “This is why Eastern Suburb Memory is selected as the place to host this festival.” He explained, Munich Oktoberfest settling down in Chengdu as an international famous cultural activity could achieve better Sino-German cultural spread and exchange, build a spiritual and cultural bond between these two cities, drive local culture to “go out” and promote cultural industry prosperity and development in Chengdu; meanwhile, Munich Oktoberfest reappearing in Chengdu meant Chengdu would embrace the world with more open mind, continuously show its international vision and modernized progress, and attract the world’s attention.

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  Munich Oktoberfest, originally known as “Oktoberfest”, is the most important traditional Bavarian festival and one of the largest festival events in the world. It has been held since 1810, owning more than 200 years of history. Now, it has become one of the most popular festival events in Europe, even in the world. Characterized participation forms and diversified culture features are the highlights of this festival, where free and joyful ambience and nationwide carnival idea attract over 7 million visitors around the world to attend every year.

  Since 2014, “Munich Oktoberfest – Tour in Chengdu” has been officially authorized by Munich Government and Munich Oktoberfest outside Germany to be held as the original Munich Oktoberfest in Chengdu.