Government Services

Policies, laws, and regulations

On October 2011, the city of Chengdu issued the “Opinions of the Chengdu Municipal Government on Speeding up the Development of the Convention & Exhibition Industry”, which provides for greater support for major C&E events; the Local Taxation Bureau of Chengdu issued the “Chengdu Local Taxation Bureau Public Notice on the Collection and Management of Sales Tax from C&E Enterprises”, establishing a balance based tax collection mechanism for C&E enterprises.

In April 2012, the municipal government of Chengdu publicized the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Conference and Exhibition Industry in Chengdu”. The plan clearly lays out the development strategy and goals for the conference and exhibition industry in Chengdu. It is the first time that planning for the C&E industry was included in the key project planning of Chengdu city.

“Chengdu Service” Model — Leading the nation

After years of exploration and practice, Chengdu has established a primary C&E service model focused on “one-stop, specialized, human-centered” services covering “companies, industries and the city” extensively, which has made it significantly easy to organize C&E events in town, and thus received highly favorable comments and wide recognition from event organizers.