Located in southwest China, Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province with an area of over 12,100 km² and a resident population of 14.18 million. Chengdu, was defined by the State Council as trade, logistic, financial and science center, transport and communication hub in western China. It is also one of China's most important high-tech industrial bases, modern manufacturing, services and agricultural bases. As a livable city, Chengdu is featured a perfect combination of modern landscape, advanced business unique culture and sound ecology. The culture-rich city of Chengdu is a famous historical city of China, one of the best tourism cities of China, a gastronomy city of the world, and a famous conference and exhibition city of China.

  Chengdu,a city present with 252 of Fortune 500 Companies, a top-ranking city in western China in terms of investment volume and sector coverage . In 2013, the regional GDP of Chengdu grew an amazing 10% to reach CNY900.0 billion. With consulates of 10 countries including the United States of America, Germany, France, Australia,the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, Chengdu has become the third city nationally and first city in mid-western China in the number of foreign consulates and the leader of mid-western China in the number of financial back-office centers, foreign banks, and foreign insurance institutions.

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  Chengdu, China's Celebrated City for

  Conventions and Exhibitions

  Overview of Chengdu Expo

  In recent years, with continuous improvement of C&E(convention and exhibition)environment, Chengdu has been getting better at organizing conventions and exhibitions, the C&E industry of the city has been expanding, and the brand influence has been on the rise, which have all contributed to a significant improvement of overall competitive advantage. Chengdu has already become a famous C&E city that is the best one in central and western China and among the best nationwide; it is the most preferred city in central and western China for major domestic and international C&E events.

  In 2013, The Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition joined the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) a world leading meeting organization, becoming the first government body in central and western China to join the internationally renowned Association.

  In January 2014, Chengdu Bureau of Exhibitions signed cooperation agreement with International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) and became a member of IAEE. Chengdu is the first city in China to join IAEE as a convention and exhibition management organization. It’s the first time for Chengdu to join an international exhibition organization and the second time to join an international convention and exhibition organization after joining International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

  The year of 2013 witnessed the sound development of Chengdu’s C&E industry and the holding of 503 C&E events city-widely, including 105 international meetings, 169 exhibitions (including 53 international exhibitions) and 229 festivities. The exhibition venues accumulated to about 3,009,000 square meters, a year-on-year increase of 16.3%; the direct income of CNY6.05 billion , a year-on-year increase of 20.5%; and the consumption impelled by these events exceeded CNY50.98billion, a year-on-year increase of 21.1% or so.

  At present, the C&E industry of Chengdu is wasting no time seizing another round of historic development opportunities; in accordance with the strategy of “marketization,professionalization, internationalization, brand formation and standardization,” it is making effort to speed up the modernization and internationalization of the C&E economy, and accelerate the construction of “a famous C&E city of China with great international influence”.

  The first Chinese C&E industry climate index - Chinese C&E Industry Climate Report was published on August 2012. According to this report, Chengdu dwarfed all Chinese cities in 2011 in the field of C&E industry.

  According to the world’s leading events organizer—Reed Exhibition, Chengdu ranked third domestically as a destination of convention and incentive tourism, next to Beijing and Shanghai only.

  2013, A Breakthrough Year for International Conventions and Exhibitions of Chengdu

  Chengdu has determined to make a breakthrough in respect of international C&E in 2013.

  In 2013, two world-renowned and globally-influential events, i.e. the Chengdu Fortune Global Forum 2013 and the 12th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, are to be held in Chengdu. So far Chengdu has been the only city in the world that attracts two great events in the same year. Chengdu is predestined to become an eye-catching vista in China's C&E history. Chengdu's C&E internationalization will turn a new page from now on.

  On June 6th-8th, 2013, the Fortune Global Forum 2013 — the clearest and most direct window into global economic trends, was successfully held in Chengdu, marking the first time that an international financial event of the highest order is held in a city in western China. The Forum this year has been praised as the “Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu tops all the previous FGF①.”The theme of the Fortune Global Forum this year was “China's New Future”. In the span of three days, over 600 heavyweights from the political,business and academic area gathered in Chengdu from all over the world, particpating in over 40 forum activities.

  note ①:Fortune Global Forum

  As an engine city for the “Go West” campaign, Chengdu has enormous potential space and room for economic growth and development, strong capability for innovation, unique culture characteristics, rich experience in hosting international conferences, and excellent government services, those are this city has been chosen as the site of the 2013 Fortune Global Forum.

  “It's a great forum, which impressed us all as a successful and consummate event. I made a great mental effort to find a word that can describe it and “the best” is what I found; the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu tops all the previous FGF. The reasons: the largest number of high level guests attended the forum and signed agreements for many important projects; the forum showed great global influence, the “panda” element attracted eyeballs across the world, and the world gained better understanding of and started to pay more attention to Chengdu; a brand new Chengdu was presented in front of the world and the charm of the famous millennial old cultural city was on display; through its elaborate preparatory work, Chengdu has brought the Fortune Forum to new level.”

  —— Andy Serwer, Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine

  The World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention was solemnly held in September 24th-26th, which comes back to China for the first time after 12years. More than 3,000 guests from over 100 countries and regions worldwide were expected to take part in the event -- the highest attendance ever for the convention. The theme of the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention this year was "China's development and the opportunities of Chinese merchants".

  In 2013, some other international conferences, such as the 21st International Conference On Nuclear Engineering, 35th IAHR Congress, PTM2013, 2013 Chinese-Arabian Entrepreneurs Submit, 14th Western China International Fair, 4th China Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival and 2013 Asia Education Forum, etc., will also be held in Chengdu.

  The C&E industry of Chengdu has been developing by leaps and bounds in recent years; with improvement made year by year in terms of the number of C&E events and the grade, scale, and transaction volume of these events, the industry is full of vitality and prosperity. The 2013 Fortune Global Forum took place in Chengdu, in particular, has made Chengdu one of the most attractive Chinese C&E city in China.

  ——Wu Jianmin, Chairman Emeritus, International Exhibitions Bureau

  In 2014, the convention and exhibition industry in Chengdu will maintain sound development momentum and host various domestically and internationally renowned events including the 15th Western China International Fair, the 12th Michelin Bibendum Green Traffic Global Summit, 2014 World Conference on Robot Industry Innovation and the Robot Exhibition, the 9th EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair, 2014 China International Disposable Paper Expo and Conference, Global Mobile Game Developers Conference and the 72nd API China & INTERPHEX China.

  Creating wealth and sharing success, we all travel into a bright future together.

  Five Comparative Advantages of Chengdu's Exhibitions and Conferences Industry

  First-class Exhibition Venues

  Chengdu now has over 190 thousand square meters of exhibition spaces, mainly in the Century City Convention and Exhibition Complex, SHAWAN International Convention and Exhibition Center, TIANFU Exposition Center, and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Park. A total of 43 thousand square meters of conference spaces are available in hotels throughout the city, enabling it to host C&E events of different types and scales.

  Century City C&E Complex

  The Century City C&E Complex in the south of the city consists of the Century City International Exhibition Center, the Century City International Convention Center, the New Century hotel group, the New Century Global Center, and the New Century Contemporary Art Center.

  The Century City International Exhibition Center is currently one of the best facilities in China in terms of exhibition environment and utilization efficiency; in 2006, it passed the UFI certification and became the first UFI member organization in western China; it has 9 exhibition halls and 110 thousand square meters of indoor exhibition area; it sold a total of 1.6 million square meters of exhibition area in 2011, ranking fifth among all urban exhibition centers in China.

  With 100 thousand square meters of building area, the Century City International Conference Center has 28 conference halls; its largest pillar-less banquet room is 2,730 square meters in area.

  The Century City Conference & Exhibition Complex is supported by the Holiday Inn and the Inter-Continental Hotel with nearly 1500 guest rooms.

  With a construction area of nearly 2 million square meters, the New Century Global Center is the largest monomer building of the world. It combines such functions as vacationing, recreation, entertainment, hospitality, shopping, and business meeting; it was put into operation in 2013.

  The New Century Contemporary Art Center has a construction area of 180 thousand square meters, combining such functions as conference, exhibition, performance, business, tourist shopping; the largest pillarless banquet hall, covering 8,000 thousand square meters, is expected to be put into operation in 2014.

  Western China International Exposition Town

  The Western China International Exposition Town currently under construction will have a total land use of 4000acres and the total building area of 2.65 million square meters, and an exhibition area of 500 thousand square meters; the phase one construction will be constructed in June 2014 , expected to be completed in 2016, will deliver 200 thousand square meters of exhibition area, in addition to the 200 thousand square meter conference center. When the construction is completed, it will become the biggest International Conference & Exhibition Center in central and western China.

  Excellent Government Services

  Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition — the first exhibition bureau in all sub-provincial level cities of China

  In 1987 when the China National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair was first held in Chengdu, the city set up the first dedicated C&E service agency in China — the Chengdu Municipal Commodity Trade Fair Office. In 2003, the Chengdu Municipal Commodity Trade Fair Office and the Chengdu branch of CCPIT moved into the same office building. In 2010, the Chengdu Conference and Exhibition Industry Development Office was renamed the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition. At present, among the C&E administrative organs of all cities in China, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition is one of the front runners in terms of the size of its C&E organizing team, the financial support from the government, and the number of C&E events it has been involved in.

  The Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition is a powerful organization; it has routinized the organization and mobilization mechanisms of the Shanghai World Expo; this is the feature of Chengdu that distinguishes it from other cities.

  —Chen Xianjin, 2013's Chairman, the Union of International Fairs

  To cooperate with the C&E industry of Chengdu, we have to work on the right thing with the right people; you always can get things well done when you find the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition.

  —Yuan Zaiqing, Chairman, China Convention and Exhibition Society

  Policies, laws, and regulations

  On October 2011, the city of Chengdu issued the “Opinions of the Chengdu Municipal Government on Speeding up the Development of the Convention & Exhibition Industry”, which provides for greater support for major C&E events; the Local Taxation Bureau of Chengdu issued the “Chengdu Local Taxation Bureau Public Notice on the Collection and Management of Sales Tax from C&E Enterprises”, establishing a balance based tax collection mechanism for C&E enterprises.

  In April 2012, the municipal government of Chengdu publicized the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Conference and Exhibition Industry in Chengdu”. The plan clearly lays out the development strategy and goals for the conference and exhibition industry in Chengdu. It is the first time that planning for the C&E industry was included in the key project planning of Chengdu city.

  In September 2013, the Temporary Provisions for Strengthening Convention Management and Service and Promoting the Development of Convention and Exhibition Industry in Chengdu were formally unveiled. The Provisions, as another policy document after the Suggestions of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government on Accelerating the Development of Convention and Exhibitions Industry, has played an important role in standardizing the convention industry market and promoting the sound development of the industry.

  “Chengdu Service” Model — Leading the nation

  After years of exploration and practice, Chengdu has established a primary MICE service model focused on “one-stop, specialized, human-centered” services covering “companies, industries and the city” extensively, which has made it significantly easy to organize MICE events in town, and thus received highly favorable comments and wide recognition from event organizers.

  The C&E services offered by Chengdu are the first-class in the country; the great achievement made by the C&E industry of Chengdu is unmistakable.

  —Yao Wang, Executive Director of BOAO Forum for Asia

  The Chengdu Conference & Exhibition Alliance was founded in August 2012, it is the first cross-regional C&E service and promotion organization covering the whole industrial chain in China; with 108 initial member organizations, the alliance is committed to cultivating more high quality brand C&E projects, and more C&E service enterprise capable of providing good services and favorable prices, through “industrial association, resources consolidation, and competition and cooperation between enterprises”.

  Perfect Supporting Facilities


  Aviation:Chengdu, the largest aviation hub in inland China and 4th largest nationwide.By December 2013, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport had 105 domestic destinations and 62 international and regional destinations. There are 151 domestic airlines and 71 international and regional airlines, ranking No.1 in mid and west China in terms of international and regional airlines.

  Railways and Highways:As China's 5th railway hub and largest highway hub in southwest China, Chengdu is the largest regional logistic center in China's west.

  By 2015, Chengdu will establish a 4-hr express railway network covering Lanzhou, Kunming, Xi' an and Wuhan, together with an 8-hr express railway network covering the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta.

  A China's 4th largest regional center, as well as a transferring center reaching Europe and Central Asia, after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou will be built in Chengdu by 2015.

  — Insight China Magazine: Western Transportation Channel Accelerated

  On September 1, 2013, Chengdu became the fouth city after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and the first city in west China to be approved by the State Council to implement the 72 hours transit without visa policy.


  Now Chengdu boasts 13 five-star hotels and 33 four-star hotels. By 2015, the number of five-star hotel will increase to 30. A large number modernized hotels located close to each other offer services that make the guests home feeling at C&E; this has greatly improved the comfort level and convenience in participating a C&E event in Chengdu.

  Great Development Prospects

  As a result of the distinctive market potential and industrial opportunities, wide market coverage, and favorable investment environment, it has become a industrial consensus that “the western region is the best place to make investment in China; and Chengdu is the first choice for investment in the western region.”

  Chengdu is establishing itself as an investment hub in western China. The city already has established automotive and bio-pharmaceutical industries, while its growing population is increasingly attracting the attention of the multinational retail brands.

  —FDI Magazine

  In recent year, Chengdu has been actively integrating itself into the global industrial system, focusing on high-end industries and cutting edge fields of an industry, making great efforts to build a world-class electronic information industrial base, an auto manufacturing base, the financial center in western China, an international tourist destination city, the transportation and logistics hub in western China; it has further secured its position as a core economic growth pole in the western region.

  Chengdu, named by Forbes, Fortune and World Bank as one of the “The Next Decade's Fastest-Growing Cities Globally”, "World's Best Emerging Business Cities", and the “Benchmark City for Investment Environment in Inland China” respectively.

  Faced with historic opportunities that come with the new round of the “go west” campaign and the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and the TIANFU New Area, Chengdu is striving to build a core economic growth pole of western China that has comparative advantages globally, advantages of speed nationally, and advantages of high-end industries in the west; the goal of the city is to become the first city to basically realize modernization and internationalization.

  Chengdu's growth is astoundingly fast and attracted a number of companies such as Intel and Siemens, even Foxconn which has a large production base here. Now, one of every two iPads in the world comes from Chengdu.

  —The Times, Britain

  Unique Charms of The City

  A history of 2300 years has left Chengdu with profound culture and rich tourism resources. with “the fastest development and the slowest pace of life”, Chengdu has been voted as the happiest city in China by Netizens.

  Chengdu is one of the first cities to be designated as national historical and cultural city, Within 300 kilometers from Chengdu, there are five international heritage sites.Chengdu is reputed as the “Land of Abundance” with distinctive appeal. It is the only city in China whose center location and name has never changed.

  The golden ornament Holy Sunbird excavated from Jinsha Site was designated by the State Administration for Cultural Heritage as the symbol for Chinese Cultural Heritage in 2005 and the city emblem for Chengdu in 2011.

  Chengdu, home to the giant panda, a world rare animal, has 108 varieties of this animal in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.World recognized 3D animation Kung Fu Panda II gained its inspiration from Chengdu pandas.

  As the place of origin of Sichuan Cuisine, the city was crowned Asia's first “City of Gastronomy” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is known that Sichuan Cuisine is the most popular cuisines in the world. It is famous for its special flavors of distinct, fresh, pure, deep, spicy and numb. It is even said that the world's best food is in China, and the best of Chinese food is Sichuan cuisine.

  I like the heritage and tradition of Chengdu very much; face-flipping is amazing, shadow play, tea art, and alcohol drinking art are all fantastic. Thank you, Chengdu.

  —Irina Georgieva Bokova,UNESCO Director General

  Development Objectives, Action Planning

  General strategy of “three phases”

  Short-term objective (2011-2015): to become No. 1 city for Exhibitions and Meetings in mid-western China that is leading nationally.

  Mid-term objective (2016-2030): to become a renowned city for Exhibitions and Meetings in Asia

  Long-term objective (2031-2050): to become a world-known city for Exhibitions and Meetings

  Development objectives for the “12th Five Years ”

  By 2015, the direct and indirect incomes from the MICE industry will reach CNY10 billion and CNY80 billion respectively; and over 500 MICE events (including 100 domestic/international meetings and 200-plus festivities) will be organized each year with the total event venues up to 4 million square meters.

  Five “-ation” for the development of the C&E industry in Chengdu

  Marketization as the direction for strengthening and optimizing the C&E industry

  Professionalization as the support for improving exhibition economy.

  Internationalization as the guide for improving the influence of Chengdu to the outside world

  Brand formation as the goal in building a “famous international C&E city”

  Standardization as the key to the creation of a favorable environment for the development of the C&E industry

  Brand Name C&E

  In recent years, Chengdu has been the host city of various famous domestic and international C&E events, such as the Chengdu Fortune Global Forum 2013 , The World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, the Western China International Fair, the World Biomaterials Congress, the 21st International Conference On Nuclear Engineering, the 35th IAHR World Congress,the Spring China National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair, the China International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival, the Global Automotive Forum, the 7th Cross-Straits Economic Trade and Culture Forum, The 10th Route Asia, China International Medical Equipment Fair (Autumn), and the China International Sporting Goods Show.

  The 14th Western China International Fair

  The 88th National Sugar & Wine Fair (Spring 2013 · Chengdu, China)

  The 68th China International Medial Equipment Fair (Autumn)

  The 7th APEC SME Technical Exchange Fair

  The 28th China International Sporting Goods Show

  The 65th China International Education Equipment Show

  The 16th Chengdu International Auto Show

  The 14th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Fair

  The Second NEPCON West China

  The 65th National Pharmaceuticals Fair

  2012 Autumn National Car Accessory Fair

  2012 Sichuan (Chengdu) Taiwan Expo

  The 17th Sichuan Spring Festival Commodity Shopping Festival

  2013 Chengdu International Lighting and LED Fair

  The Second China (Sichuan) International Tea Fair

  2013 Chengdu Household Goods, Leisure Goods, and Gifts Fair

  2013 China (Chengdu) International Electronics Fair

  2013 Chengdu International Tourism Show

  The 8th China Food Expo

  The 9th China AG Trade Fair

  PATA Travel Mart 2013

  2013 China Retail Trade Fair

  2013 China Chengdu International Urban Modern Agricultural Expo

  2013 Chengdu International Modern Industrial Expo

  The 1st China(Sichuan) International aging industry expo & healthcare fair

  2013 The First Chengdu International Fair of Goods for the Disabled

  2013 Chengdu Jewellery Show

  The 8th China-EU Investment & Trade Cooperation Talks

  The 9th World Biomaterials Congress

  The 10th Route Asia

  Global Automotive Forum 2012

  The 35th IAHR World Congress

  The IAHR World Congress is the most important international event in world hydraulic engineering and discipline area, praised as the Olympics in hydraulics circle. This is the largest IAHR World Congress ever.

  The 21st International Conference On Nuclear Engineering

  The 11th China International Software Cooperation Talks

  2012 China International Friendship Cities Conference

  2013 West China Cross-strait Fair for Economy and Trade

  2012 Chengdu Global Investment Summit

  2013 Education Forum for Asia Annual Conference

  2013 International Sourcing Fair(Chengdu,China)

  2012 China Chengdu International New Energy Submit

  China IOT 2012

  The CEO&CIO Summit 2012

  The 4th Western China Finance Forum

  The 3rd China Listed Company Leaders Summit

  The 1st China Internet Audio-visual Conference

  The 3rd China Chengdu International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

  The 9th China International Culinary Tourism Festival

  The 21st UNIMA Congress & World Puppetry Festival

  The 8th China International C&E Cultural Festival

  CIMA Global Business Challenge 2011

  The 5th China SME Festival

  2013 Chengdu Shopping Festival

  2012 China Equestrianism Festival

  The 5th China (Chengdu) International Communication Festival

  Chengdu Honors and Chengdu Conference

  & Exhibition Honors (Non-exhaustive)

  City Honors(Non-exhaustive)

  China's historical and cultural city

  The best tourism city of China

  The global best emerging business city

  Top 10 Asia-Pacific City of the Future

  China’s Top Inland Investment Destination for America-funded

  Best Business City in China

  National Civilization City

  City of First Choice in Land China for Foreign Investors

  City with Best General Investment Environment in China

  China Habitat Scroll of Honor Award

  National Role Model City For Environmental Protection

  National Exemplar City for Intellectual Property Rights

  Strongly Recommended Investment Destination in Chinese Mainland

  Favorite Emerging Investment Destination for America-funded Enterprises

  City of Gastronomy

  China's Happiest City

  China's City of Software

  Chengdu Conference & Exhibition Honors

  China’s Celebrated City For Exhibitions Conferences And Meetings

  China Branded MICE City

  Top 10 Influential Meeting Destinations

  Best MICE Destinations in China

  China Best Branded Meeting City

  Best Domestic Destinations of the Year in MICE Industry

  Top 10 Festival City in China

  Best MICE City Administration Award

  2013 International Conference Destination of Greatest Interest

  Decade MICE Management Award

  China Best Green Meeting City

  The Most Beautiful Convention City of China